Yoshizushi Sushi Shop


epitaph designed the new look for Yoshizushi, a sushi shop located in Japan.

Here is the project description:

This store which there was in the first floor of the building was redecorated with remodeling construction of the whole building and opened in October, 2010.

The thing that we are demanded was thing that work of cock can be efficiently done and thing to make the inside of a store bright and simple space.

We noted that a simple and clean impression of the sushi was not ruined.

In addition, we did the operation to change the color of a wall and the ceiling of the kitchen into to create holy areas of the chef.

A ceiling is low under the influence of the existing skeleton, but does not  feel it because it is the simple plan that the whole can look around.

The counter of the Japanese cypress reuses the thing which used in a store before the remodeling.

The design of the facade expressed a area in the restaurant.

The logo of the signboard appears when the lighting lights up.

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