Wooden Urban House Design with Panoramic Beach Landscape in South East Queensland, Australia

modern urban house designs

Located in South East Queensland, Australia the modern urban house designs decoration can be seen from the whole appearance of this house design. Using open plan decoration, this house was completed with several high windows application that decorate surround the house space. Let’s move to inside space of this house and see the elegant wooden interior décor from these house ideas. Since the whole decoration of this house was design in wooden, so the entire space from this house was better to use same theme. Based on those understanding we will get new ambience since those furniture and interior was has same theme and decoration. The architect BVN Architects, already thought that this house have to see unusual so that they use wooden as the whole application and place a lot of windows system as he lighting access. Other unusual decoration was the best beach landscape ideas that can be seen here. The fresh blue ocean can be feeling from living room space. The best location and best architectural design from this house was born new idea for house living design. Special for those who love in both modern and classic design, the wooden house construction plans from this house will help you to catch your dream.

elegant wooden interior decor

best beach landscape ideas

wooden house construction plans

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