Wooden Contemporary Bookshelf and Sideboard Design

modern sideboard design idea

This modern sideboard design idea was designed for those who love to arrange their stuff in stylish furniture. Using natural material, this furniture look completed your whole decoration living room or your foyer space. The contour of this furniture was separated in several spaces that can be use as special space for our small accessories or stuff. Since this furniture was designed from natural material, so here we will see this unique wooden furniture decor look integrated our space in their way. We can see here that this furniture was design in high and long shape; high shape for can be use as room divider while the long shape can be use as wall unit. This decorative sideboard design was available in various color combination such as red, yellow and black. Those colors can show your style and personality. As a functional furniture idea, this practical contemporary bookshelf design will give you new look design.{via}

contemporary bookshelf design

decorative sideboard design

unique wooden furniture decor

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