Wooden Cabinet Design from Recycled Floorboards by Studiomama

wooden cabinet design idea

This unique recycle storage idea was absolutely design from wasting stuff. The extraordinary design from this furniture will look different since this stuff was design with doo application. This functional stuff obviously designs with special purposes. We can use this furniture for both shelf and cabinet stuff. So trough one unique furniture design we can get both contemporary storage d├ęcor and wooden cabinet design idea. The storage can be use for our special stuff, and then for the cabinet space we can use as our personal space to store our personal stuff. If we wanted more different decoration, this stuff can be place not only for our living room or reading room but also for our kitchen space and bathroom space. If we see more deeply from this furniture we will see that this furniture was separated with several hole and space. The hole space can be use as our clay furniture, while the indoor space can be use as hidden storage and cabinet system. If you want to shows your care personality in natural living, this recycled furniture that design in unique wooden furniture plans by Studiomama will realize that dream.

contemporary storage decor

unique wooden furniture plans

unique recycle storage idea

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