Wild Crocodile Bathroom Tiles from Petracer

fashionable bathroom furnishing plans

These nice original crocodile skin tiles by Petracer is give for those people who are fall in love with unique and creative home appliance design. The contribution of the designer for this bathroom appliance is can be seen from the creative creation and the unique performance of the bathroom tile. The real skin like design of this bathroom tiles is give the unusual landscape for our bathing space. There is various color tone that we can choose from this crocodile bathroom tiles. There is the blue one that will make our bathroom space become calm. The unique bathroom tile ideas that perform by Petracer are give the rousing space for us and we are can cheat out the concept of this bathroom space freely.
The designer completes the series of the crocodile bathroom tiles through use the color tone as the clue. The blue, red and chocolate are the unique and special indication for every single theme. The red and blue is for both modern and minimalist theme while the chocolate is for the contemporary. Those entire fashionable bathroom furnishing plans are dedicate for the humanity all over the world. Actually, we can combine between red and blue, blue and chocolate, or chocolate with red. The creativity probably can be started for here, am I right? Now, last but not least; we are allowed to see and feel the tropical journey of wild crocodile skin tile designs by Petracer.

original crocodile skin tiles

unique bathroom tile ideas

wild crocodile skin tile designs

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