White Lights Transparent Lamp Shade Designs with Uniquely Practical Paper Ideas

uniquely transparent lamp shade

This uniquely transparent lamp shade will be one of the most attractive in our private bedroom and will give more than just a deep lighting for the whole side of our room but also give a deep romantic feeling for our heart. The shade of the lamp was cover the main lamp of this table lamp and this shade was come from paper material. The unique thing that will make us have to fall in love with this paper lamp shade was the romantic light of the lamp if we were cover our lamp with this paper shade. The glowing of the lamp was looking soft and gives romantic landscape for our room.
The transparent application of the shade will give the unique lamp shade and the dynamic look for the lamp light. That is look so romantic and give the deep feeling of the atmosphere of the room.The practical paper shade ideas were become the main point of this lamp shade and make us become more creative to invent another paper shade. This lamp can be use as the sleep lamp too since the soft color of the lamp if we were applies this paper lamp shade. Totally perfect was the purpose of these white light lamp shade designs.[via]

white light lamp shade designs

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