Welcoming Private Villa Designs with Blue Color Scheme Exterior

blue color scheme villa exterior

The glowing light of this blue color scheme villa exterior was come from the futuristic outdoor lighting fixtures that covered almost the whole side of the roof side of this private villa. The contrast look from both roof space and surround space was looking clear here. The surround space of this villa was covered with green color tone from the jungle while the blue color scheme was come from the lights of the roof of the villa. It was the modern private villa ideas that build-up in the middle of the jungle and tries to stay sustainable and help the surround environment of this villa become sustainable too.
The designer is a smart designer ever since the designer of this place can give the blue glowing light for the exterior planner of the villa and the outdoor lighting system for the surrounded space of this private villa. The modern style of this personal villa was come from the welcoming living room designs that show the white light atmosphere and combined with the calm interior. That was as comfortable as a space for both welcoming and enjoys the nature. The clean and clear villa interior in this villa was covered almost the whole side and space of this villa. That clean and clear interior was interpreted by this white light villa interior.[via]

modern private villa ideas

clean and clear villa interior

welcoming living room designs

white light villa interior

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