Weaving Walls


Design Systems Ltd. from Hong Kong kindly send us their last project, Weawing Walls, a multifunctional space for a young fashion brand, which has been awarded with the Red Dot Award 2010.

Here is the project description:

Located in Dongguan, China, this project transformed a used factory building into a multifunctional space that consists of a showroom, a catwalk, and a design office for a young fashion brand, around 1200sqm.

By jumping into the future to determine how the franchise business would evolve, a highly communicative operational space became a starting point. The space was to become a vessel for interactions between the franchisees and the designers. The concept of free-flowing ideas and comments from the most important parties of the business had begun to develop. Such spatial characteristic was correspondent with the aspiration of a successful business.

Inspired by the origin of all fabric “the weaving cloth”, the material detail of the design was to focus on different density of looming technique. Same thread can produce various qualities of cloths; similarly we custom-designed an aluminum-extruded profile that acted as a basic component of the walls. By manipulating the density of the extrusions, different walls with different functions were created:

The wall of the façade was made up of extrusions that were closely arranged, making the outlook of the showroom like a large coffer from which all unauthorized person could be barred, quite agreeing with the brand’s integrity.

In contrast, the same extrusions with lower density were used as the partition between the design office, meeting rooms and showroom, making all the spaces semi-transparent, so as to urge communication and contact between franchisees and designers within the space.

When preserving the charm of the old factory, any addition to it was referred as the spring analogy. Materials used to create a more neutral background were terrazzo and steel angles, which were more functionally durable. While some glossy and refined elements, such as polished marbles staircase and crystal chandeliers, took the symbolic role of a new energy source, and at the same time the visual anchors within the space. The challenge was to blend the ordinary industrial nature of the premise with the trendy identity of the new business together. Without intentionally planning an end point, we had invented a new identity into both the brand and the space.

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