Waternetworks Drops by Fulguro


During the Salon Satellite in Milan, Italy, Fulguro presented Waternetworks Drops, a collection of four objects that emphasizes the connection that man fosters with the vegetal in habitat: reCOVER, reFLECT, reLEAF, and reFRESH.

reCOVER is an umbrella-hanger that you thrust in any interior flowerpot to recuperate the drops of water of your umbrella.

reFLECT is a lamppost that can be fixed in the earth of interior flowerpots, and becomes a profitable light source for the plant.

reLEAF is a rainwater collector that can be planted directly in a flowerpot or in a watering can in order to increase the gathering surface.

reFRESH is a set with a jug and glasses that can be used in two ways, one of the sides is made for serving water while the other side is for watering the plants.

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