Vintage Sand Vase Design with Minimalist Ideas

vintage sand vase design

This post is a continuity inspiring post from the previous review. The previous review is discussed about the pots and planters while this post is try to discuss the vase for the house room. The simple design of this house accessory will make us know how the creativity of a human being is limitless. The sand vase design is show the down to earth character of humanity. Moreover, these unique sand vase ideas are completely make from the sand material. Come from the beach, this vase will give calm and relax atmosphere for our room. [via]

minimalist slim sand vase

unique sand vase ideas

Mainly, the creative house accessory planner of the human being is started from the bored feeling of the human being itself. They already see and knew the monotone design of a vase so that this vase will be the recent design that will shake the world, hopefully. Come from the pure sand material, this sand vase design is quite light so that we don’t need to worry if our kids try to move from one place to other place. Try to trust them through use this stuff.

creative house accessory planner

soft sand material inspiration

Honestly, this sand vase design is suitable for the minimalist room concept since the simple design of this vintage sand vase design is look so plain and humble. The white color tone for the interior and painting application will complete the nice look of this accessory. Use the tulip or rose as the complement will make this vase look perfect, totally perfect. Need a real sample? Try it to your house.

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