Vintage Hill Road Texas Residence with West and East Combinations

vintage living space applications

The landscape of hill road Texas residence designs in this page were try to introduce a newly home design concept with country style. The surrounded view of this home landscape was perfectly using the combination of green landscape and vintage theme. The green background comes from the planters and the trees furnishing layouts while the vintage look coming from the wooden material that uses to build-in this living space. if we were looking down the view of this home, here we will see the concrete material still take a part but this material was not dominate since the designer want to apply wooden material as the main construction of this residence. The vintage living space applications from that home concept were already done and now we can turn into the whole landscape of this home. The starting point was the building and the landscape view of this home was just an additional thought to make this home better. Through looking out the entire side of this home, now we were now that the entire side of this home was apply the concept of west and east home combinations concepts.[via]

hill road Texas residence designs

west and east home combinations concepts

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