Villa 3S


LOVE Architecture designed this simple yet complex house on the fringe of Graz Geidorf, Austria.

One of the fundamental ideas was to incorporate the relatively large property into the living space. Therefore, the design blurred the boundaries between house and garden creating fluid transitions and an extended exterior living space.

The relatively strict land-use plan, which stipulated a saddle roof with a designated inclination, presented a further challenge. The roof form begins by folding on the southern terrace continues up and over the building structure and thereby forms an abstract saddle roof. This folding spatially creates unique views from every angle of the home.

The interior of the house is centered around one main room for cooking, eating and living. When open, large sliding doors between the individual rooms connect a fluid, complete spatial structure. With the sliding doors closed, each room maintains its intimacy and distinctiveness and also extends to its own outdoor area or access.

The building is a massive brick construction with concrete walls and a reinforced concrete roof. This roof also serves as a thermal storage mass to provide a pleasant indoor climate and is covered with wood outside. This shades the planking and visually blends the terrace and roof into a unified whole.

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