Velice Lounge Contemporary Wooden Furniture Designs for Outdoor Garden Decoration by DesignKoalition

comfortable seating fixtures plans

Catch up this decorative lounge decor idea by DesignKoalition was presented for those who love to stay longer in outdoor space and enjoy their day in outside space of the home. The design was use round shape, but the decoration was apply with the up side that will save us from the direct sun lighting. Using soft fabric material, the sun roof was design with half round shape and give space for going inside to this furniture. The seating side from these comfortable seating fixtures plans was design with portable cushion that can be place based on our need and we can wash the complement stuff if look dirty. Those who have a beloved indoor space like an indoor swimming pool area, they can try to complete their pool side with this portable garden furniture idea also so that they can enjoy this furniture for both indoor and outdoor space from their house design. The contemporary style can be seen from both color application and material that use to make up this furniture. Since the shape was round, so this furniture can be a swing of we move forward and enjoy the vibration of this contemporary wooden furniture design.

contemporary wooden furniture design

decorative lounge decor idea

portable garden furniture idea


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