Urrezkoenea House


Peña Ganchegui y Asociados projected this unique house located near the Cantabric Coast in Getaria, Spain.

Here is the project description:

In a plot with a steep slope towards the North, aligned to the coast and therefore with full enjoyment of the view of the Cantabric sea, the building is situated close to the local access road, albeit at sufficient distance to ensure the maximum of sunlight by moving away from the shadow of the adjacent trees. It looks like a departure but, in effect, it is the beginning of a new road, a pedestrian one, which reaches the building as a prelude to the path encircling the field, by gently descending towards the sea below.

The physical constraints of the terrain explain both the desire to vanish, as well as the need to shelter, which arises on days, not unusual in that rough part of the coast, when pouring rain together with northwest gale make it an unsettling site. By turning seeking shelter from the wind, the road takes the form of a bulwark looking for a secluded vantage point to enjoy the full view of the landscape. Throughout the walk, the views come and go as a way to becoming less obvious.

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