Unique Sectional Pendant Lamp Design by Ji Young Shon

decorative lighting fixtures design

This sectional lamps design idea that called as Stand ΒΌ Lights by Ji Young Shon was diligently design from simple ceramic material. The line that hold the whole shape of this lighting will bring new decoration since the shape of this home appliance was not complete. Trough the first impression of this lighting we will see that this lighting was design in quarter shape. The sectional table lamp plans from this series will help us to give new lighting idea for our home space. The additional lamp decoration that fills this home lighting will bring us to get a deep comfortable feeling and romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, the decorative lighting fixtures design that can be seen in this home appliance will give additional appearance for our home since this lighting was design not only as table lamp but also available in several lamp decoration. There were standing lamp, and table lamp that will beautify our home space. Need something unique and romantic stuff? Go ahead and try on this unique pendant lamp decor.

sectional lamps design idea

sectional table lamp plans

unique pendant lamp decor

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