Unique Papillon Chaise Lounge Designs from Simone Völcker

modern Papillion chaise lounge ideas

These unique lounge chair designs were design for those who love in stylish and fashionable design. The whole layout of this furniture was inspired from the modern living concept and complete with feminine touch. See the details of these modern seating furniture ideas and get your personal experience from the whole design and the soft touch of the fabric that using for this furniture. The combination of yellow and purple color will give different experience for this chair lounge. Obviously, this chair was perfected with the sexy purple lounge accessories that look like a butterfly. Why? Since the meaning of Papillon(French) is butterfly. Made from the best furniture manufacture in the world, the d.sign21 understands in the meaning of style and fashionable furniture design. Other accessories from these Papillon chair construction designs were the purple button that complete the seating side and the set of butterfly that hang on the seat until the floor. So, if you are those who love in style, you can apply modern Papillon chair lounge ideas for your personal space.

modern seating furniture ideas

Papillion chaise construction designs

sexy purple lounge accessories

unique lounge chair designs

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