Unique No Smoking Campaign with Creative Home Stuff

unique cigarette bed ideas

This creative anti smoking campaign was doing something unique and innovative way to campaign the bad effect of smoking. One of the innovative and smart campaign styles was this no smoking ceiling wallpaper that look remind us with die time. Through this ceiling wallpaper we will such as a die people that will be sink in the ground since our smoking habit. That was reminding us smoothly and will make us memorize that smoking was bad for both our health and money. These single cigarette ashtray layouts were try to remind us that we can smoke for today and that was the last one; no cigarette for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. That ashtray was the last smoking time for us. There were the lung ashtray designs plans too that have similar purpose with the previous series. We can remind ourselves or our family member through this stuff. These no smoking clock designs will work as the real clock and the smoking clock campaign stuff. That was so effective and makes us remind with our spirit to stop our smoking habit. Last but not least, let’s see these unique cigarette bed ideas.[via]

single cigarette ashtray layouts

no smoking clock designs

no smoking ceiling wallpaper

lung ashtray designs plans

creative anti smoking campaign

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