Unique Leather Soccer Ball Chair by Paolo Lilius

modern seating furniture decor

The modern seating furniture decor from this series will give us a new design of a seating system. Completely, this furniture was tried to advocate the fans of football match. This furniture was especially designed for those who love in soccer accessory. Perfectly, the design of this black and white soccer chair was imply the condition of the football. The unique football chair ideas that use to design this seat were completely show the fanatic personality of the soccer fans. Making from leather, the complete decoration of this chair was use leather completely, not only from the seating side but also until the outside face of the chair. We can try to put this chair in our private room of in our family room. We can combine with our personal stuff, or combine with the sofa set. Hanging with four legs, this chair can be standing perfectly. The stylish stainless steel was complete the stylish design of the leather material. Well, if you were those who love in soccer and wanted to complete your space with some unique soccer accessory series, you can to go to this site and try on these soccer leather chair designs.

soccer leather chair designs

unique football chair ideas

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  1. Posted February 3, 2011 at 9:01 pm | Permalink

    interested in the black&white polka dotted flooring showing with the black leather chairs and two lamps. Thank you.

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