Unique Indoor Swimming Pool with Nice Blue Color Scheme

white large indoor pool inspirations

Even designed as public space, but this comfy indoor swimming pool was look our own swimming pool since the design of this place was as comfy as our own home and the user of this place know how to use this public swimming pool. Almost the whole guest of this swimming pool feel satisfy with the condition of this pool since this place show the clean and comfy space for gathering with the family and have a sport activity. The large space for the outdoor pool was looking such as a competition pool but the indoor space of the pool was show similar with the usual home pool. These unique water fall constructions will help us to refresh our mind and give fresh water for both out body and soul. Both indoor and outdoor pool was separated with the glass and concrete building construction so that if our kid places in outdoor space, we still can keep an eye for them. Through this page we can see the combination between white large indoor pool inspirations and nice blue color scheme ideas.[via]

unique water fall constructions

nice blue color scheme ideas

comfy indoor swimming pool

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