Unique Eco Friendly Chair Design from Patrick Norguet

unique modern chair design

Designed from Patrick Norguet, this unique modern chair design was design to complete your contemporary house space. The entire appearance of this furniture was made from natural material that will bring new look from contemporary furniture ideas. Check out the detail of this furniture and see the unique design of this seating furniture. The line of this furniture was clearly can be seen from the transparent idea of this furniture. Actually, this modern seating furniture idea can be place both for outdoor and indoor side from our house design. Available in different color scheme, this decorative furniture was definitely functional and flexible in use. Combine with glass table idea, this furniture can be use as new dining room decoration idea. The functional side from this furniture can be seen from the square hole that can be use as magazine storage. If you were have free space, let this contemporary furniture design idea to complete then.

contemporary furniture design idea

modern seating furniture idea

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