Unique Creative Wooden Shelf furniture Design by KONNEX

contemporary wood shelf idea

This contemporary wood shelf idea was designed by KONNEX. If we see the details of this furniture, we will see several small space during the edge line of the shelf that use to link every part of this shelf to be integrated. Design in square size, this wooden wall shelf furniture can be mix and match one and other to being one integrated. Actually, this furniture was designed in four until six parts so that we will get a big enough space to place our book. Furthermore, this functional shelf decor idea not only can be use as a bookshelf but also can be a place for our accessories place. Designed with natural wooden material, this furniture was decorated in white color application. Obviously, this modern shelf decoration system can be place not only as a wall unit or decorations, but also can be use as the usual shelf that place on the top of the floor. Special for those who love in contemporary design, these creative bookshelf plans will beautify your house room.

creative bookshelf plans

functional shelf decor idea

modern shelf decoration system

wooden wall shelf furniture


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