Unique Concrete House Designs in Brazil

modern concrete house designs idea

Catch up some inspirational design from these modern concrete house designs idea, we can get extraordinary inspiration from this house design from both whole layout and front side of this concrete house. come to the first space of this house, we will welcome with Marcio Kogan living room plans that complete with the set of modern sofa and wooden coffee table. Furthermore, we can see a small green garden from this space. Go on to the next space, we will see a modern kitchen designs ideas that enclosure with a minimalist dining table. This integrated design will help us to save our space for other decorations. As the main room of this house, the designer Marcio Kogan completes this concrete house with a contemporary bed room designs. This space was complete with a comfortable bed and a fur rug for flooring system. Presented for those who love in modern and extraordinary design, you can get unusual inspiration design in built a house from these modern house designs pictures.

Marcio Kogan living room plans

modern kitchen designs ideas

contemporary bed room designs

modern house designs pictures

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