Unique Architecture Building Designs by Frank Gehry

the ray and maria stata center construction

Check this the ray and maria stata center construction out, and see how the contemporary construction can be smoothly combine with modern building structure. Trough use those combination we can see that both old and new can be stand side by side or even can be combine in one media. The architect Frank Gehry already thought that the unusual combination can be amazing if we can mix and match appropriately the media. One of the great combinations was the colorful building décor that completed with the modern glass window decorations. Probably those combinations were not thought before, but trough this amazing building now we can try to apply those ideas. Cover with silver metallic modern color, the building was look like covered with aluminum paper. The abstract building structure was show free expression of an art building décor. Clearly we can see these contemporary construction plans perfectly interpret a modern building designs idea.{via}

colorful building decor

contemporary construction plans

modern building designs idea

modern glass window decorations

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