Unique Antique Shop Design with Wooden Display Storage

simple wooden display table layouts

These unique antique shop design pictures were show up how innovative the designer of this shop and the smart concept of this antique shop. Using concrete material for the front wall and stone brick flooring system on the front gate, we will see the contrast look of the interior space of this store. We will see the complete wooden application inside on. The flooring system, wall decals, and the display table was use wood as the main material. The using of simple wooden display table layouts in this store was try to balance the outside space and the inside space of this place. Furthermore, since the product that will be displayed was come from ceramic and marble so that the designer was use practical wooden storage plans as the display table. Looking so natural and inviting was the main attraction of this place. Making people curious to this place and press them to come in was the purpose of this store. After come in into this shop, now we will see the real contemporary antique shop interior.[via]

unique antique shop design pictures

practical wooden storage plans

contemporary antique shop interior

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