Ultra Modern Sustainable Home Ideas with Open Air Inspirations

modern sustainable home designs

The blue scheme of this build in outdoor indoor pool decor was spark along the inside space of this home and make the owner of this home have to be diligent to keep up and clean up the space. Surrounded by the mountain stone application for the poolside, here we will see the amazing look of a poolside that uses both nature materials in modern design. Side by side with simple kitchen applications plans, those who use this pool can reach the food as soon as they can. Using black kitchen appliance, the owner want to show up the minimalist character of modern human. Furthermore, uses as the space for welcoming the guest, here we will see the clean bright living room inspirations that were close with spiral concrete staircase and the kitchen room. Completed with open air dining room layouts, through this space we can see almost the entire space of the first floor of this home. Completely, through looking out these modern sustainable home designs we were such as looking up the whole world side. Need a private inspiration? Please take a look into these ultra modern bedroom integration ideas.[via]

build in outdoor indoor pool decor

clean bright living room inspirations

open air dining room layouts

simple kitchen applications plans

ultra modern bedroom integration ideas

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