Ultra Modern Glass Coffee Table Design with Pyramid and IPod Decoration by Stephane Thivend

attractive IPod decorating idea

The ultra modern LED lighting fixtures from this coffee table was specially design for those who love to get both ancient design that combine with modern concept. Look out the whole layout of this table design and try to get several inspirations to place this stuff in our home space. The simple material that uses to build this furniture was perfectly combined with the LED lamp that will glow at night. The futuristic style was clearly can be seen here since the additional gadget was added here. This decorative living room furniture décor was combining with the attractive IPod decorating idea that place in one of pyramid side of this furniture. The combination of both ancient and modern can be seen obviously here. The glass material was surrounding the top side of pyramid shape. Other additional stuff that supports the gadget media was the double speaker that place in bottom side of this furniture décor. The sound was embrace the space since the power of this stuff can be manage based on our need. Special for those who want to get some extraordinary appearance, they can try to apply these pyramid modern glass coffee tables by Stephane Thivend.

pyramid modern glass coffee tables

ultra modern LED lighting fixtures

decorative living room furniture decor

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