Ultra Modern Dulles International Airport with High Technology System

great public space landscaping

The view of this great public space landscaping was show the perfect combination between modern and futuristic style of public space. Directly into this site we can see the high technology system of this airport start from the first side of this airport. The front gate of this international airport was use the modern system that will ease the user to come to this place. The gorgeous look of this place was supported with the dynamic application of both building and furnishing landscaping of this airport. The ultra modern Dulles airport architectural was can be seen from the canopy look of the airport building and the nice view of the airport building itself. Using huge window system was usually applied by the whole airport in this world, but here we will see the unique wall window system with separated window application. As the busiest airport in the world, through this site we can see the real condition of Dulles International Airport include with high technology international airport applications.[via]

high technology international airport applications

ultra modern Dulles airport architectural

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