Translucent Extravagance Contemporary Home Design Ideas

exciting contemporary home design

The exciting contemporary home design in this home design review was completed with the green outdoor application. We can freely show the design included with the layout and the size derivation of this home. The smart and thoughtful application that we can see in this home series was the placement of both wooden material and concrete material in one home design trend. Those applications make our imagination fly away freely and invite us to be more creative and innovative. The spacious home kitchen decor was showing the inside space of this home with the minimalist thought. different from the main concept of contemporary, the designer apply minimalist for the kitchen space as the balance thought of the contemporary and classy thought of the wooden material. Aware or not, both of extravagance contemporary home exterior and open plan contemporary home interior were try to give the complete and perfect contemporary home design ideas inclusive with the translucent contemporary home decorations.[via]

extravagance contemporary home exterior

translucent contemporary home decorations

open plan contemporary home interior

spacious home kitchen decor

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