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Bathtub Seats

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products. One of today’s posts at MocoLoco reminded me of a restaurant here in Valencia, Spain. It’s a small creative-mediterranean food restaurant called MOS. Check out the seats! This interiors are from 2001, nowadays MOS is just another modern restaurant with normal furniture. Originally Posted On Coolboom   ...

High Tech Urinal

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products. Indiscriminate uriation is a serious social problem. Enough public toilets would seem to be the solution to the problem. But where do you put them? Urilift BV has found the solution. The Urilift is placed where it is needed. Three people can use the urinals at the same time. The Urilift is only above ground when it is needed. For the rest of the time, is is completely hidden underground. Ori ...

Mondrian washbasin

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products. Designed by erreQerre estudio, the Piet washbasin, was inspired by Piet Mondrian’s work. All the elements of the washbasin are hidden in the front of Piet. A great solution for small bathrooms or even offices. Originally Posted On