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modern urban house designs

Wooden Urban House Design with Panoramic Beach Landscape in South East Queensland, Australia

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Home Design. Located in South East Queensland, Australia the modern urban house designs decoration can be seen from the whole appearance of this house design. Using open plan decoration, this house was completed with several high windows application that decorate surround the house space. Let’s move to inside space of this house and see the elegant wooden interior décor from these house ideas. Since the who ...
modern beach house pictures

Modern Luxury House Designs called 35th Street House in Manhattan Beach-California

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Home Design, Modern and Luxury. These modern contemporary beach house designs will give you different experience on your summer vacation. The whole appearance of this house will bring us to feel both comfortable and charm feeling when we were fill in. see the first front line of this beach house that designed by Steve Lazar that already complete with the comfor ...
modern concrete house designs idea

Unique Concrete House Designs in Brazil

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Home Design. Catch up some inspirational design from these modern concrete house designs idea, we can get extraordinary inspiration from this house design from both whole layout and front side of this concrete house. come to the first space of this house, we will welcome with Marcio Kogan living room plans that complete with the set of modern sofa and wooden coffee table. Furthermore, we can see a small green ...
modern sandwich house design

Contemporary Sandwich House Design with Open Air Bathroom Decorating in Tokyo, Japan

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Home Design. This modern sandwich house design obviously can be seen designed for a single family who love to live in simple design. Whole decoration from this house included with the interior design perfectly matches with the main concept of this house. If we start to going inside of this house we will the integrated space of both comfortable living room decorating and clean kitchen design idea were designed ...
natural concrete house design

Modern Contemporary Concrete House Design in Glenwood Residence, Texas

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Home Design. Located in Glenwood Residence, Texas this natural concrete house design designed by use two living concepts that want to try. Both natural and concrete house was combine smoothly in one harmony living. At first time we come to this house we will welcome by a great stone wall decoration that combines with wooden door decoration. Come inside to this house we will see a white decorative glass decorat ...
decorative outdoor concrete house pictures

Unique Concrete House Design with Pool Roof Decor to Collecting Rain Water

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Home Design. This modern roof pool design idea was designed for those who stay in the middle of the wasteland. The unique design of this house will give us inspiration to collect some water when the rain comes. Trough this modern concrete house plans design we get two beneficial things. One, we can get both warm and secure since the concrete material was strong enough to fight hard rain. Other beneficial thing ...
outdoor transparent house layouts

Astonishing Transparent Residence in Big Sur, California

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Home Design. These modern concrete transparent house ideas will give you other crazy construction of a house deign. The entire layout of this house was design in thought of electric efficiency. Trough this transparent house we will save our electricity and get full solar energy as the lighter. First space from this house is the clean living room furniture decor that complete with the wall fireplace and piano d ...