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metal work stool plans

Small Unique Eiffel Stool from Shigeki Fujishiro

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Furniture. The metal work stool plans from this furniture will make our space look outstanding and extraordinary. Those expressions can be seen from our guest those look out this furniture. Usually, stool was made from wood or stainless steel, but here the metal material was tried to complete the entire design of this triangle stool design idea. Obviously we can see that every single line of this furniture w ...
modern black furniture designs

Black Mysterious Bed Room Furniture Designs from Elite

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Bedroom Design, Furniture. Mysterious and unique was the interpretation of this unique bed room decorating idea. The whole interior and decoration from this arrangement was design for those who love to give mysterious side from their personality. Furthermore, both luxury and elegant still can be seen from the gold decoration that completes this decorating idea. For this mysterious black bed room furniture, we can start from ...
metallic solid table decor

Strong SOLID Table Design from Metalworker from Transit Forge

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Furniture. Strong and unbreakable, that was the first measurement for this metallic solid table décor. The main construction for this furniture was combine both strong and functional side from this decoration. We can see in details that this furniture was built from the best material that can hold on weight perfectly. The silver color application will remind us with the strength side of this strong metal co ...
fashionable chair design

Stylish Fashionable Slit Chair Furniture Design with Magazine Storage Idea from Dripta

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Furniture, Home Accessories. Funny and extraordinary! That was the first impression from this modern colorful seating furniture. Don’t ever say that minimalist plans were close with black and white color application before you check this out the latest furniture design from Dripta. The whole design from this furniture was design in modern inspiration but ad ...
minimalist dining table idea

Modern Minimalist Dining Table Design with Stainless Steel Construction Idea by Meridiani

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Furniture. This decorative dining room furniture décor was made form best stainless steel material that design in modern look and gorgeous style of modern furniture. The feet line of this furniture wills remind us with the integrity of both function and stylish design from that furniture. Moreover, this dining table was completes with glass decoration on the top side of the table. Cover with soft color appl ...