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classic stool plans

The Morph Modern Contemporary Wooden Bar Stool Designs from Formstelle

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Furniture. Unique and natural! That was the first impression from this modern wooden seating décor. The entire shape and design from this furniture will catch up your attention and bring unusual look since this furniture was design from both classis and modern combination inspiration. The high design from this furniture was suits our bar table that design in high design. Using brown compatible material, the ...
animal print bathroom furniture

Decorative Animal Print Design for Bathroom Furniture Idea

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Furniture. This decorative animal print tile décor was designed to complete 2010 fashion design. The unique design from this decoration will bring new appearance for your house space idea. Actually, this unique animal tile pattern was completed with several animal series such as snake, crocodile, zebra, etc. but the most attractive design from this furniture decoration is the black and white tile design tha ...
contemporary wooden furniture designs

Contemporary Wooden Furniture Design from Jon Goulder

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Furniture. This natural wooden material décor will give different perception of wooden furniture. Trough this furniture we will know that this flexible material can be design in various shape and design. If we see the detail of this furniture we will see that this furniture was completely design from wooden and the different is the decoration of this furniture itself. If we see the front side of this classi ...
modern desk furniture idea

Modern Le Orchidee Desk by British Furniture Designer Marc Fish

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Furniture. This decorative table design idea was presented for those who love to stay at home and working at home. The whole design of this furniture was made from best wooden and the design of this furniture was inspired from both stylish and functional aspect of furniture. Obviously this furniture was designed from two material combination; there are wood and stainless steel. Wood material was support the ...
decorative home office furniture ideas

Decorative Work Desk Design for Modern House Office Decoration

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Furniture. This modern home office interior was designed in both modern and stylish decoration. This furniture series was complete with several part furniture. One package of this furniture is contains with a table, cabinet and a portable chair. The design of this furniture was inspired from modern living concept. Trough the details of these decorative home office furniture ideas and see the hidden side of t ...
stylish chair furniture plans

Xarxa Chair-Modern Unique Arm Chair Design from Danese

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Furniture. These unique fabricated chair ideas were designed for those people who love in something new and extraordinary. The whole layout of this furniture will give different look since the design of the chair was design in huge shape and large idea. See the details of this modern arm chair design that combine both stainless steel and fabric as the main material. Those materials was completed each other a ...
modern coffee table design

Modern Glass Coffee Table by Jason Horvath

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Furniture. This decorative glass coffee table furniture will completes your space trough both design and decoration of this furniture. Actually, the designer Jason Horvath already thought both functional and decorative side of this furniture. Both of that combination will give special look for your space decoration. Using modern material, this metal coffee table construction completed with metallic color sys ...