Tooth Tales Pediatric Dental Office


Daren Chen from Evoke Design kindly send us this playful pediatric dental office located in the city of Miramar, Florida.

Here is the full description from Evoke Design:

Parents and kids alike are always in fear of the dentist. Traditionally, most dental offices are cold, sterile spaces, maybe with walls painted yellow, crown molding and a small colorful space in the corner for the kids, in an attempt to create a �comforting and inviting� space�

At Tooth Tales, the Dental Space typology is redefined and breaks down these negative perceptions by creating a welcoming environment that appeals to the young patients and their parents. Upon entering the space you are greeted with a playful and fresh environment that appeals to the imagination and the senses. Through the play of colored wall graphic �petal-like� patterns of Sparky (the mascot), contrasted by the fresh white backgrounds, tactile synthetic grass-scapes, translucent materials and lighting effects, a space reminiscent of an interior playground is created.

As you proceed to the treatment spaces vertical and horizontal surfaces and masses are colored in bright green hues and wall graphics continue to add splashes of color and visual texture to the spaces. Custom-built aluminum and Polycarb partitions separate the primary circulation corridor from the open bay treatment area, while still allowing a greater sense of depth and continuity, as light and shadows are able to permeate from one space to another. The use of wall graphics continues into the private treatment rooms, contrasted again by the crispness of the white backgrounds and are designated by different colors and a shift in the graphic wall patterns, again using Sparky as the base pattern.

From the onset of design, the Tooth Tales brand and identity was designed in close collaboration with the graphic designer. This transcends throughout the office collective from the business cards, postcards, coloring books and graphic patterns to the overall spatial experience and language, thus creating a holistic and strong branding and identity throughout the total experience.

LED tickers in the waiting space provide the waiting parents and patients with constantly changing information from patients who are up next, to birthdays, personal achievements and various factoids.

The �wall of fame� provides the kids with an ever changing area to display their art work (Tooth Tale coloring book /activity sheets are given to the patients while waiting and are displayed and rotated on a monthly basis). This allows for a more personal environment where the kids can have a sense of accomplishment and ownership. The art wall is an area painted with dry erase marker paint and a series of vinyl stickers with the outline of Sparky�s head, allowing the patients to design and draw their own custom faces.

The circulation and spatial relationships are strategically designed to promote efficiency and reflect the dentist�s specific working methods and procedures. All public programmatic functions are situated along the perimeter edge of the existing shell, providing views to the outdoors, while the private, back of house spaces are located along the inner core. Through materiality, lighting, color and form, the spaces appear to be more open and inviting, allowing for a greater transparency and perception of spatial depth, than the actual fully programmed spatial dimensions allow.

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