Thoughtful Multifunctional Wooden Staircase Design Ideas

thoughtful wooden staircase design

The indoor interior stair design ideas in this home appliance series was try to show up the component of home appliance included with other function of this staircase appliance. Here, the brown wooden material was support the main contemporary style of home appliance with natural look and functional thought. Usually, the space in the bottom space of staircase was freely useless and through this site we will see the other function of home staircase include on how to make it real. We can apply the thoughtful wooden staircase design as the additional space for our book collection. We can maximize the function of this staircase as the book rack or storage for our home. We can maximize the using of glass material if we want to use this space as the storage system. If we just want to use this space as the book rack, we just use the branch or board as the limiter or divider for one book series with other. These wooden floating staircase layouts can be use as other functional space for our home space. We can use as the shoes rack or other space application. Now, through this site we were already know the concept of multifunctional wooden staircase inspirations. [via]

wooden floating staircase layouts

indoor interior stair design ideas

multifunctional wooden staircase inspirations

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