The LYTA Modern Light of Weight Arm Chair Idea by Ronen Kadushin

comfortable furniture decor idea

This comfortable furniture decor idea by Ronen Kadushin was completely will give new appearance since the entire parts of this chair will bring both modern and contemporary appearances. Modern because the decoration and main design of this furniture was use Expanded Polypropylene and totally made from recycle material so don’t be worry if we want to wash both cover and cushion. Decoration was design from contemporary chair cover idea that uses classic pattern with soft color application. Furthermore, the simple arm chair cover idea can be change based on our pleasure and we can try to mix and match with our concept. Special for those who want to enjoy this furniture in outdoor area, we were allowed to do that since the recycle material was friendly for both indoor and outdoor space. Since we want to replace this material for two places; so the designer was design this material in simple design and easy to place. This unique lightweight arm chair was design in 15kg weight so it is quite easy to pick up this furniture based on our pleasure and needs. If you were care with modern and interested with friendly furniture, the modern arm chair plans from this furniture was presented for you guys!

modern arm chair plans

simple arm chair cover idea

unique lightweight arm chair

contemporary chair cover idea

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