The Laidley House Modern Urban House Designs by Zack de Vito Architecture

decorative glass decor ideas

Catch up these beautiful panoramic view photos from the modern urban house designs by Zack de Vito Architecture. Those views clearly can be seen from the glass material that uses to change the main function of concrete wall or other usual wall material construction. This great idea was thought from the city landscape of surrounded. The modern view was giving different feeling when we were seen. Going inside to this house we will see the velvet sectional sofa plans that place close to the contemporary dining room interior. From this place we will see the complete decoration of wooden décor idea that perfectly matches with the urban style. Go on to the second floor we will get the simple kids room decorating idea that looks like design for twins. The concept was tried to combine both functional furniture in small space. The double bed decoration was complete this space so that we can try to maximize this space with the functional furniture. Other great space was the comfortable bed room plans that place adjoining with the white space saving bathroom décor. Those rooms were perfectly covered with the white decoration that combines with brown natural furniture application. As the main concept of this house, we can see clearly that the bed room space completes with the decorative glass decor ideas.

velvet sectional sofa plans

contemporary dining room interior

beautiful panoramic view photos

comfortable bed room plans

simple kids room decorating idea

white space saving bathroom decor

modern urban house designs

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    elongated unfilmed to the coloured lounger sofa. their the soul when it comes to swish housing condition

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