The IbsenMuseum


Gugmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor designed the exhibition space for the IbsenMuseum in Oslo.

Project description:

The exhibition space was under renovation when the Architect first entered the room for inspection, Tapestry, suspended ceilings and system walls from an office from the 80´s was torned down.

What was left was a very rough and “stripped” “appartment-structure” with a filthy wall-panel, brick walls with condemned plaster and an original wooden floor that was distorted and slanting, all creating a quite charming entity inspite of this extreme roughness.

“Cool” I uttered allthough I am 52 and the word not quite worthy of Ibsen.

The intention was to renovate the apartment to suite as a traditional and clean exhibition space, and the work was to be started. Beeing aquainted with Ibsen´s work I stated that this was precisely the essence of Ibsens work. A “Bourgeois-frame” being ripped to the skin, not being able to hidden the dark secrets. As an onion peeled to the last shell. Therefore the architectural idea became the utmost interpretation of Ibsens work, using the stripped space as an interpretation of the Masters ( Ibsens) way of treating his characters. Simultaneously the exposed structure fits as an archeological showcase for the building technology of the 1900.

Such the idea is to make an intervention between the old stripped appartment and the new interference, the exhibition elements. Therefore the exhibition elements are kept free from the walls to express the difference between the “facade” and the “stripped”. A new “floating” floor is established to symbolize the “stage” and is made free from the existing floor and walls, underlined with lighting,,, the Master is “staged”. In such way the electricity cabling is solved as well, being able to keep the old plastered ceiling untouched. The new floating floor thus also gives the opportunity to make showcases in the floor.
The colours are red in order to associate with the colours of the traditional theater from the time of Ibsen, and the curtains underline this as well.

In order to underline Ibsens thematic way of working, the exhibition elements also are staged as layers in the formal treatment.

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