The Gourmet Tea


Alan Chu transformed a small house into a concept store where the color of the little tins of the 35 blends of tea offered are the inspiration for the first teahouse of The Gourmed Tea brand.

Project description:

The walls were peeled, the structure and the bricks which became apparent were painted with white color, the original floor was maintained, the roof was lowered in order to eliminate interference of the beams and allow the indirect and continuous lightning which sweeps the walls emphasizing the depth of the long and narrow space of the building.

The only furniture made of plywood on which a colorful adhesive was applied, organizes all the space of the shop. It gathers balcony, store, box, tidbits and staging area.

The minimalist organization of the space associated with the simplicity of finishes allows the product (tea) stands out in a precise and smooth way.

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