The Garden’s workshop


Claudina Relat designed this workshop located in an city center of Mansera, Barcelona, based on three concepts REhabilitation, REinhabit and REinvent.

The aim of the project is to repair the defects of the passage of time on 1920’s building. The project concept is to add light and air to the old space. We also wanted to open a large rear window to infuse the space with the magic of spectacular interior courtyard that the site has.

REinhabit and REinvent:
The project maximizes space for use. It also tries to use old site elements, such as old tiles, the existing entrance door, an antique iron fireplace and the old workshop’s chairs in order to be inserted in the new project are bound to change. They should be reinvented. Such as old tiles are now an entrance carpet or a fireplace protection … The fact of reinventing old elements has enabled the project to change without losing the identity of the existing workshop.

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