The Factory


Huge Architects have recently completed the Factory in Shanghai, China, that is part of the ‘Slaughthouse’ redevelopment in the North of Shanghai in Hongkou.

They worked closely with creative Director Sean Dinsmore to design several inter-connected components in one space a restaurant along with a bar & lounge, recording and digital studio, pop-up retail, art gallery, and creative workshops with live exhibition.

The concept of the recording studio was to allow people to look into the creative process of cutting a beat or recording a singer while also designing a state of the art recording vocal room and editing studio. Cubes were inserted into the ceiling to break the reflection of sound and placed in optimal positions based on the acoustic engineers research.

Much of the existing building was kept raw with the lounge and restaurant/bar covered with variations of timber flooring that continue under the stairways and form part of the kitchen benchtop and bar.


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