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black and white laminated bookcase

Contemporary Bookshelf Designs with Extraordinary Plans

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Home Accessories. This entire modern bookshelf designs plans were give us more optional choose to give the best furniture and appliance for our home space. Especially for this series, we will see various wall shelf systems that can be use as accidental wall decals for our home space. It was a functional furniture and home appliance for our residence. look at this black and white laminated bookcase that look simple ...
practical home appliance layouts

Modern Extended Original Wall Shelving Designs with Practical Blue Color Scheme

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Home Accessories. Catch up these extended blue shelving ideas with the concept of both minimalist and modern thought. Clearly, the landscape view of this home appliance was using the thought of simplest thought. Just such as usual storage system with blue color scheme. If we were look out the design of this wall shelving, we will see the smart application of home accessory also. The rectangle shape of this wall she ...
unique house accessory plans

Modular Wall Shelf Designs with Unique Floating Ideas

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Home Accessories. Minimalist floating shelf decor was dedicated for those who love with decorative look of house accessory plans but still thought functional layouts also. The main ideas of this floating shelf were give two functional sides of house shelving ideas. Here we will see the floating designs was use to place our small stuff accessory while the bottom side of this shelf can be use as the hanging side of t ...
contemporary wooden shelf decoration ideas

Stylish Contemporary Wooden Shelf Designs by Performa

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Home Accessories. These decorative house wall shelf designs was designed for those who love in simple appearance of a wall shelf shape but still care in the new design and new innovation of a wall shelf. Clearly we can see that this shelf was try to accommodate the old shape but still thought the decorative look trough the additional decoration that place in the two sides of the shelf. We can see that the line that ...