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great architectural building project

Modern Great Architectural Pedestrian House Designs with Wooden System Applications

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Architecture, Home Design. The conceptual indoor garden system in this home design was become one of the great architectural building project. That will show the combination projection between modern styles with sustainable project for human living space. We can see the minimalist direct link space of this home that show by wooden spiral staircase layouts. That was one of the great inventions that we can cheat out. Please w ...
contemporary urban apartment designs

Open Landscaping Urban Apartment Designs with Contemporary Applications

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Apartment. The huge window system applications in this urban apartment was give more than a brighter landscaping for this residence but also help the owner to reduce the using of electricity. The view of bright and a great panoramic of the outside space was support the condition of this apartment. It was simple and humble to apply this window system application. It was applying drawer system so that we can o ...
huge window system applications

Inspiring Wooden House Designs with Huge Window System

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Home Design. Two of these inspiring modern wooden home pictures were show the dynamical design of a living space includes with the furnishing landscaping that use humble and humanity system. Directly through this site we can see the simple design of a wooden home from exterior space and the humble application inside of the home. Wooden home was implicating a simple and humble style, so here we were able to see ...