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bubble moon like constructions

Uniquely Exclusive Moon Like Building with Futuristic Building Designs Concept

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Architecture. This entire bubble moon like constructions were one of the most ultra modern architectural building constructions with the planner of humanity inspiration. Believe it or not, the entire moon like building of this place was dedicated for the humanity. Probably it was the real sample for those people who ever thought that they can live in the moon. This ultra modern moon like building will be uses a ...
artistic Namaste tower in Mumbai

Great Namaste Tower with Artistic and Futuristic Architectural Building in Mumbai

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Architecture. The artistic Namaste tower in Mumbai in this site can be seen from the exterior landscaping of this modern architectural building. This modern architectural building was covered with artistic flower pattern on the skin side of this building. The unique construction of this building combine with that application will make this building look great and elegant. As one of the most amazing building in ...