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balcony and terrace space

Futuristic Wooden House Designs with Nice Outdoor Kitchen

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Home Design. These amazing white interior plans were covered the living room space of this wooden house. Started from that white living room, our journey will be continuing into transparent kitchen planner layouts that close by with dining room. That integrated dining room kitchen was showing the integrated and continuity landscaping of a house space. Furthermore, this house was completed with minimal look whi ...
contemporary wood house layouts

Contemporary Wooden House Designs in California

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Home Design. These natural wooden house ideas presented for those who love in natural living concept. See the whole layout of this building and we will remind on block house. The different is this natural house was built in the middle of the nature (call: jungle). From the front line, we will see that this house was cover with the stripe line of wood. Trough the main door, these wooden house interior plans alr ...