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simple wooden standing lamp designs

Striking Simple Black and White Pendant Lamp Designs

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Decorative Lighting. The simple wooden standing lamp designs that concern on wooden simplicity character. The specialization of wooden material was both humble and simplicity characterization. Clearly, here we will see the simple wooden stick was standing freely with black lamp shade. The rumple style of these lamps was show the dynamic life of human and indicates modular design of house lighting fixtures. Personally, ...
cute house lighting applications

Trendy Giant Lamp Designs with Stunning Layouts

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Decorative Lighting. One of these cute house lighting applications hopefully will inspire us and give us so many inspirations to light the world and give the best lights space for our family and our self. The lamp design that we can see in this page was looking simple and practically we can do with our own hands. If we don’t want to be disturbing with some work that we can’t do, we can come to lights or furniture ...
useful algae lamp designs

Stylish Algae Pendant Lamp Design

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Decorative Lighting. These useful algae lamp designs were come from the real natural material. We can see through these pictures that the main material of these lighting fixtures was algae plants. Produce by the smart and brilliant researcher, the function of algae being more functional and helpful for human and the society. We can make our living space more eco-friendly through these bright lights lamp layouts that w ...
classy knitted pendant lamp design

Practical Vintage Knitted Lamp for Classy Lighting Fixtures

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Decorative Lighting. The classy knitted pendant lamp design in this lighting fixtures series was looking so simple and practical. The humble look of this knitted system also makes the surrounded place of this lamp being have unique shade. The color application of the knitted furnishing will make the innovative shade if we can combine with the right lamp application. Using this lamp as the pendant lamp was recommended ...
fancy innovative table lamp

Fancy Futuristic Curved Table Lamp Design

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Decorative Lighting. The performance of this fancy innovative table lamp was try to show the great combination between modern and the functional thought of lighting fixtures. Truly lighting fixtures can be seen through the appearance of this lamp. The designer was accidentally producing this table lamp special for those who want to represent their modern and simple life. The combination between curved design and the s ...
functional lamp design ideas

Innovative Table Lamp Designs by Daphna Isaacs

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Decorative Lighting, Home Accessories. The functional lamp design ideas in this review will give us small space for storage our accessory. The small space that designed to complete this lamp perfectly makes this home accessory look more decorative and functional. Clearly we can try to place this lamp in our bedside or our wall unit. The attractive style of this lamp makes us feeling easy to place. The color application of this lamp als ...