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Kolonihagen Summerhouse by Tommie Wilhelmsen

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Architecture. The Kolonihagen summerhouse, proyected by architect Tommie Wilhelmsen, allows the owner to have everything he needs in a small space. The house also provides a cool shady place of relaxation and retreats from summer heat. Originally Posted On

Wall House by FAR Architects

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Architecture. The Wall House, by FAR Architects, is a mixture of cave, house and tent. The project breaks down the traditional walls of a house into a series of four delaminated layers in between which the different spaces of the house slip. Originally Posted On

Sakura House by Mount Fuji Architects Studio

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Architecture. The Sakura house is a home office for a couple in a residential neighborhood in Meguro, Tokyo. Mount Fuji Architects Studio separate internal and external atmosphere with thin, transparent membranes, creating a sense of freedom and openness.