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Rupanco Chapel by F3 Arquitectos

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Architecture. The chapel is located 64 kilometers from Osorno, Chile, near the Rupanco Lake. Designed by F3 Architectos, it’s a little construction, about 20 square meter, made entirely from wood. A beautiful piece in a beautiful place. Originally Posted On

Observation Deck in Pinohuacho by Rodrigo Sheward

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Architecture. Rodrigo Sheward designed this beautiful observation deck located at the highest level of Pinohuacho, Chile, and faced with the Villarrica volcano. The volume of 40 tonnes is 7 meters long x 3,6 meters wide x 3 meters high, built from 96 pieces of wood. Originally Posted On

Lake Rupanco House by Beals Architects

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Architecture. The house, designed by Alejandro Beals & Christian Beals, is located on the edge of lake Rupanco, in the south of Chile. The house is organised in two parallel volumes in a woodland clearing, with each element oriented towards its optimum rapport with the landscape. The outside of the house blends in with the surroundings by borrowing the shapes and textures f ...