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Rupanco Chapel by F3 Arquitectos

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Architecture. The chapel is located 64 kilometers from Osorno, Chile, near the Rupanco Lake. Designed by F3 Architectos, it’s a little construction, about 20 square meter, made entirely from wood. A beautiful piece in a beautiful place. Originally Posted On

Lilja Chapel by Vesa Oiva

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Architecture. Lilja is a portable chapel, designed by Vesa Oiva, that offers a place where one can go to be in silence. The chapel is divided into threes parts: the vestibule, the chapel itself and an outdoor chapel. The chapel’s glass wall acts as background for outdoor events. As light flows through the pattern, it brings to mind a fore ...

Junquillos Chapel

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Architecture. Claudio Baladron & Diego Grass designed a new chapel for 100 people in the remote countryside of Southern Chile. The chapel is made with a wooden barn structure over a concrete platform, with corrugated metal cladding in the outside and pine boards in the inside, plus 100 chairs, lectern, altar, virgin figure and a cross. Originally Posted On