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modern bathtub design plans

Modern Round Bathtub Inspirations Designs by Agape

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Bathroom Design, Furniture. Take a look at these modern bathtub design plans that presented for those people who love in something unique and have a high class look. We can start from the round bathtub shape that similar with the UFO shape. We can see that this bathtub was made from the metal construction that uses the shiny decoration. The shape included with the entire performance of this bathtub will make us feeling like ...
beautiful ceramic bathtub designs

Modern Free Standing Bathtub Designs by Agape

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Bathroom Design, Furniture. These beautiful ceramic bathtub designs were designed for those who love to get a deep relaxation in bathroom. The design included with the decoration in this bathroom furniture will rob our attention and invited us to try on. Let’s see from the whole layout of this white bathtub decoration. Actually, these clean bathroom furniture decor plans not only use the white color application as the tool ...