T-Legal Office


Kreacja Przestrzeni designed the interior for this moodier law firm, which is both contemporary and dynamic in design, comfortable and underline the individual’s character.

Here is the project description:

The building developer bought the premises as an “open space” area in a modern office building. So, my work began with dividing the space into separate, individual rooms, adjusted to this division. I completely redesigned the lighting, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems. Particular attention was also given to internal and external fixtures and fittings, including: furniture, wall coverings, windows, doors, door frames and medium density fireboard elements. All of which met existing design requirements.

As there are no suspended ceilings in the rooms, installing the air conditioning was an initial challenge to be overcome. Particular attention to aesthetic elements was adhered to, to avoid markings on any surfaces during the air conditioning installation process. This was achieved via concealing work markings as construction progressed, within the finished work surfaces. The building contractors therefore, assembled the all elements of the construction design to the highest finished specification. This was achieved for example in the assembly of the doors (which were customer-made and of a non-standard height).

When work began on this project, we adhered to the investor’s design plans and expectations. The investor was keen to incorporate his personal character into the finished designs. However, he was also very open to new ideas and proposals, caused due to the financial reasons. And an open dialogue between the investor, project designers and builders produced a finished product, incorporating design elements of all interested parties.

The end result is a feeling of comfort and an individual character of the interior. This has been reached by simple and not striking elements – a minimalistic form of the furniture, beautiful lamps (here: Vibia Slim lamp in the secretary office and a Skirt lamp, designed by the Axo Light, in the conference room) and also by the use of unique upholstery of chairs of a highly distinguished checked glossy pattern. Another unique element of the finished design is the Bowler Hat lamp, by Innermost, in the bathroom.

An emphasis on detail may be appreciated throughout, e.g. a flat surface with a logotype highlighted by LED lamps, a see-through graphic motif on the milky glass doors of the conference room, or the same motif thawed into the doors’ leaves.


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